Keyspot is a non-profit, school age child care center located on the Murwood Elementary School campus in Walnut Creek, CA
Murwood Keyspot, Inc
PH: (925)932-8118       CA License# 070213231
New Info for 2016:
New Info to check out for 2016:
Homework Contract
Keyspot Parent Handbook
(*Updated: December 2015)

2016 Registration and Rates
1-5 Grade
  • June 21- ARF's All Ears
    Reading program will begin
    weekly Tuesday visits to
    Camp Keyspot from 10 to 11
  • June 27- Wildlife Associates
    will visit Camp Keyspot to
    present "Bay Area Wild" at
    10 AM.
  • July 22- Keyspot will host a
    BIG KID ONLY Bot Bash from
    2 to 5 PM.
  • July 25- SF Creamery Tour &
    Ice Cream Making field trip.
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Camp Keyspot
Summer 2016
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