Ricardo Renteria
Keyspot Aide since 2016
  • I am an aide at Keyspot and one of my favorite aspects of
    working here is getting paid to play all of the awesome
    games I never got to play as a kid with the Keyspot kids.
  • I have been working with children roughly a year and a half.
  • Coming from a big family, I have always been responsible
    for supervising children in some way and this personal
    experience has helped me in my current work at Keyspot.
    Previously, I worked with Easter Seals. I have extensive
    training in Applied Behavior Analysis, with a specialization
    in children on the Autism spectrum.
  • I have an affinity for really amazing food and travel. I
    would love to be a travelling food critic.
  • I am motivated to work at Keyspot by the awesome staff
    and the children, some of whom are real characters!