Celia Corral
Keyspot Teacher since 1999

 Celia, the Office Manager, joined Keyspot in 1999, as a Teacher’s Aide and worked her way up to her
present position. It allows her best qualities to shine – the ability to easily switch between caring for
children, welcoming parents, and keeping on top of a variety of administrative tasks. She recognizes the
unique family atmosphere, the fulfilling nature of the job, and the flexibility afforded her.
She starts when Keyspot opens. “I have to set the stage in the morning and send the kids off to school
ready for a good day.”
 At home she has a full plate, too, residing with her nine-year-old son Lou, mother, and a senior-aged
dog. Her hobbies include binge-watching (most recently The Office), knitting, and playing games with her
 Most of her training has happened on-the-job. Her time at Keyspot has not been entirely consecutive. For
a short period, she lived in Utah
.. She has also managed a restaurant, which helped her understand
people, dabbled in radio, and gleamed knowledge and skills from other Keyspot teachers.
For most new parents, Celia is the first point of contact. She helps make sure everyone is present and
accounted for and puts families at ease with her down-to-earth and relaxed style. This Giants fan has
indeed found her “sweet spot” at Keyspot.