Erin McGee
Keyspot Teacher since 2011
  • As a Keyspot Teacher, I enjoy coming to work everyday because I
    love kids! It is awesome to watch them learn and grow. Knowing I
    can make a difference in even one kids day makes me smile.

  • I have worked for Keyspot for 5 years.

  • I have taken several psychology classes that have helped me
    understand the mind's effect on behavior. I was once a kid myself,
    so all those memories and experiences help me with my work at

  • I would work with kids, even if I did not get paid. Everybody
    knows that I love the Giants and I would love to volunteer my time  
    for that organization as well.

  • What motivates me to continue my work at Keyspot is that every
    day is different and an adventure. When working with kids,
    especially Keyspot kids, it is always a good time. The stories they
    tell and the things they say keep me entertained and laughing for
    hours. I like watching a child discover something for the first time;
    the smile that forms on their face is priceless.