Erin McGee
Keyspot Teacher since 2011
  Erin brings a unique energy to Keyspot.

  “I like to be challenged every day,” she says. “Every day is a new adventure.”

  Who else can work a night shift at another job, then turn around and come back to Keyspot
just as alert as if she’d a restful night’s sleep?

  Erin started her Keyspot career in 2011. Prior to that, she had job as a bookkeeper, started
working at Target, and volunteered at Kaiser in the baby wing. Target, she says, helped teach
her patience and dealing with the public, to stay calm, and developed problem-solving: all
skills which she passes on daily to the children at Keyspot.

  Her favorite indoor activities include Mario Kart and fuse beads. Outside of work, she
shares a house with three best friends and is a certified Disney-phile (“It makes me feel like I’
m a kid again”). She’s also a fan of the Giants and baseball in general – which makes sense
since she’s directly related to a certain notable player from the 1980’s.

  On any given day at Keyspot, you might find her helping direct the flow of the day, assisting
the office staff with tasks, baking cookies “just because,” leading an exciting activity, or
bringing a robust sense of humor.

  “I have taken several psychology classes that have helped me understand the mind’s effect
on behavior. The stories kids tell and the things they say keep me entertained and laughing for
hours. A smile that forms on their face is priceless.”

  Like many staff at Keyspot, she believes in every day being a fresh start, and she exudes a
sense of resilience that translates into her actions as a teacher.

  “I like to see what a new day brings…be ready for whatever is thrown your way.”