Garnet Herndon-Shah
Keyspot Teacher since 1997
  • I am the Director of Keyspot, and I work with a fabulous team.
    The Teachers , parents and of course, Keyspot kids make my job
    very fun. I also thoroughly enjoy the work I do with our volunteer
    Board of Directors. I learn something new every day.
  • I have worked at Keyspot since February of 1997, taking a four
    and a half year break to stay at home with my kids until they
    were old enough to come to Keyspot. Before Keyspot I taught
    classes for children and adults at the SF Zoo.
  • My education and experience in early childhood education has
    helped me understand why children do what they do. The
    personal experience I have gained by working with children for
    the past 26 years gives me a perspective that not many people
    are fortunate enough to have. My best educational experience is
    being a mom of two awesome kids who have attended Murwood,
    WCI and Las Lomas. Children are truly our best teachers.
  • During my four years as a stay at home mom, I volunteered at
    Keyspot, running the Drama Club and the Kids Who Care Club. I
    am a volunteer junkie and would spend my time volunteering for
    charities that serve children and animals.
  • I am very fortunate to have the honor of being the director of
    Keyspot. Our former director, Noele Paris, trusted me to carry on
    her work of 20 years- I am motivated by her legacy to do my best
    to always make her and our entire staff proud of Keyspot.