Garnet Herndon-Shah
Keyspot Teacher since 1997
Garnet has been director since 2015. Prior to Keyspot, where she started as a teacher and
then was Assistant Director, she honed her talents at the San Francisco Zoo, working in its
Education Department, and trained at both City College at San Francisco and DVC. She is
thrilled to work with wonderful people of all different sizes.

“I’m like a celebrity – I can’t get through a day without getting a hug,” she says. “It’s good for
the soul.”

Garnet works tirelessly for Keyspot and volunteers frequently, often tied to her children’s
education, people in disadvantageous situations, and animals. Before becoming director,
she ran Kids Who Care Club, an activity aiming at making the world a better place.

Much of the little free time she has is devoted to her family, which includes her husband, two
delightful teenagers, and a famous chihuahua. They love going to all places Disney, and on
a trip to Washington D.C. and New York she soaked up the experiences of museums and
When she can get outside to enjoy an activity, she jumps on the chance to go on the hill.

“I like to see kids independently working together and show off leadership skills,” she says
about the activity.

After nearly three decades in the field and over 21 years at Keyspot, experience has proven
to be the most effective and fulfilling teacher. That includes raising her own kids and being
the Assistant Director during part of the long tenure of previous director Noele Paris.

“I am motivated by her legacy to do my best to always make our entire staff proud of