Jenny VanNess
Keyspot Teacher since 2011
 Jenny is Keyspot’s Kinder Teacher extraordinaire. She’s currently attending DVC for units but
she’s already gained lots of practical hours on-the-job. Even before her start as an assistant to the
preceding Kinder Teacher, she knew Keyspot well: she was once a student at Murwood and spent
her afternoons here. She aims to come into work every day with a positive attitude, and all of her co-
workers will attest to her sunny disposition.

 “They’re just children,” she says. “I don’t expect too much or too little.”

 In addition to her affinity for crafts and for board games, she’s known for her love of animals. That’s
in part because she has a virtual zoo at her home, which she shares with her parents and brother.
The menagerie includes ducks, cats, cockatiels, and a dragon fish, among others.

 At Keyspot she loves the supportive staff, the children (“they make me laugh everyday”), and the
fact that there are so many fun things to do (“it’s always busy”). Her favorite indoor and outdoor
activities are making slime and Jump the River, respectively.

 She remembers a cruise she took as a teenager with her best friend to New Orleans, then Mexico.
“I gained independence, and we ate a lot of ice cream.”

 Four days a week she takes the Kinders in the afternoon; on the other she gets to revisit those that
were once part of the flock, so to speak. And everyone at Keyspot knows there’s no one better to
take on the responsibility of getting those little ducklings to fly.