Karen Haggerty
Keyspot Teacher's Aide
since 2015
  Karen has lots of years of experience as a mother and caretaker, so it’s no surprise when she
feels most at home during her job.

  When a child wants a snack or needs any other kind of comfort, Karen is a great source. She
was a school bus driver for 10 years, which taught her patience, and while she’s a softie with the
kids her fellow staff members know her as a lively, wise-cracking, and says-it-like-it-is personality.

  In her free time, she is invested in German Shepherd Rescue and enjoys gardening. She likes
Greek food and her favorite color is periwinkle blue. She lives with her husband of 23 years and
has a young adult daughter, Courtney, who volunteers at Keyspot on a regular basis.

  As our most regular cook, it is no surprise that cooking activities are right up her alley. If food is a
connection to the soul, it’s a path Karen knows well. She also gets a kick out of “observing the kids’
behavior and antics.”

  Like the large majority of the staff, her favorite parts of working at Keyspot include the kids, her
co-workers, and the atmosphere.

She still remembers one of her earliest days at Keyspot nearly three years ago that made a

  “The morning that I came in and Katie looked up at me with a beautiful smile and said ‘Hi.’”
It’s the kind of moment that Karen gives back regularly – whether in a literal sense or via a tasty,
healthy snack.