Monique has a personality that can truly light up a room, and that fun and enthusiasm is naturally shared with the

 “Energy is the biggest thing working with kids,” she says. “They feed off the energy.”

 She likes music and dance, which has shown in her direction of a dance group that performed in the Murwood
Talent Show and at Keyspot’s Evening of the Arts. Outdoors, she enjoys leading Survivor Flag Tag.

 A particular blend of education and experience made the timing right for “Mo-Mo” to join the staff in 2016. She
trained with the Northwest Nannies Institute in Oregon and worked as a preschool teacher, afterschool teacher in
other centers, and at summer programs – all of which helped her know different activities and taught her patience.
Additional employment as a bartender, server, and barista brought in the customer service element.

 As a youth, she traveled a lot. In Japan, she noted that teenagers were more respectful to adults and teachers
(Monique was a teen at the time, too), admired the cleanliness and beauty of the country, and helped her to realize
that “we take things for granted.” The Grand Canyon was emotional, too. “(I realized) the world is so much bigger
than my little problem.”

 Her favorite color is turquoise, and she enjoys Netflix movies and singing.

 When she came to Keyspot, she says it just “felt right…I knew I’d work well here.”

 She appreciates the flow the staff has and the children and families.

 “We work with talented and amazing children. I have the opportunity to teach them experiences. It’s nice to get up
and want to come at work, not feeling like I’m going to work.”
Monique Fouhy
Teacher since 2016