Ricardo Renteria
Keyspot Aide
Ricardo is a man of many talents, and Keyspot has allowed him to explore them. He
opens every morning, comes back a few hours later, and spends the rest of the day
either with the Kinders or with the general populace. He’s also the resident
handyman; for example, he’s adding color to select portions of our newly-painted
interior and has helped with the takedown and reinstallation of various hardware
during the remodel.

Ricardo, who comes into work with the belief that “every day is a new day,” has four
years’ experience as a Behavior Interventionist for children with autism. He’s also
had a job as a salesman, which he says “helped to express myself and gave me the
tools to work with people,” and dabbled in other occupations despite being one of
our youngest staff members.

He lives with a couple of cousins, likes sushi, and credits a fox he spotted in Trinity
Lake as being his “spirit animal.” He plays video games and is a free-form rapper in
his spare time and, as everyone around Keyspot knows, plays the guitar – adding a
unique musical voice to the program.

The children are a big plus of working here, he says, because they make him laugh.
He also enjoys the staff, families, and the snacks. With aspirations of taking ECE
classes so he can become a fully-qualified teacher, he is well on his way to
becoming a fixture at Keyspot.