Scott is enjoying his second stint with Keyspot. He appreciates the kids, the unique culture of
the center, and the way Garnet has adapted to ever-evolving licensing standards and
changing times while holding on dearly to the down-to-earth, “old-school” ways of doing things.
His favorite activity by far is Video Club, which he devised back in 2003. It feeds his artistic
self while giving children the opportunity to bond through creative expression.

 “It’s so cool when it’s finished…for the kids it’s more about the process, but they also really
enjoy the product.”

 In his free time, he’s a license plate collector, an avid basketball player and a film buff, and
enjoys writing and other creative endeavors. He has a second job as a delivery driver for
Round Table Pizza.

 Scott graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Puget Sound, with more than 20
years of experience and a Master Teacher certificate in Early Childhood Education. Other
jobs in the field he’s had include preschool teacher and elementary school aide, all in a variety
of socioeconomic settings. He also spent over a year at a school for students with moderate
to severe autism and behavioral difficulties, a job which continues to pay dividends.

 “It put things in perspective,” he says. “I appreciate the kids more now when they are able to
communicate effectively, and I also have more empathy for those that have trouble with it.”
Scott has been lucky to have traveled quite a bit ever since he was young. A trip to France
was particularly impactful but nothing was as grand scale as his most recent, a 64-day solo
cross-country adventure.

 “It fulfilled a lifelong dream,” he says. “For all our problems we live in a big, beautiful country.”
Scott Giorgianni
Keyspot Teacher