Allie Wilson
Allie joined Keyspot in 2016. She spends a large part of her day working at Murwood in the Special Day class, then helps out at Keyspot in
the afternoons. Her experience with the special needs population at Murwood, which includes some Keyspot kids, has come into handy
many times.

Her favorite color is maroon, her favorite food rice pudding, and a trip to Mexico made her “appreciative” of what she has. In her free time,
she enjoys hiking, going out to eat and exploring new restaurants, and the beach.

Her favorite parts of working at Keyspot include getting to be outdoors, watching kids grow, and going on awesome trips in the summer.

“I really enjoy making a positive difference in children’s lives and motivating them to be the best they can be in the path they choose,” she
 Sarah is a former Keyspot kid who graduated from Las
Lomas in 2018. She and her mother moved to the Bay Area
from New York when she was just seven years old. Indoors,
she likes playing Wii with the kids, while outdoors she
prefers Capture the Flag. She’s the only employee to name
the turtles as her favorite Keyspot pet. She’s an avid dancer
who has performed in competitions and lives with her mother
and two cats.

 Her goal is simple.

 “I want to make sure the kids have a good day.”

 That’s no problem for Sarah, as the bubbly personality she
shared with some of the teachers here she now gets to share
with our youngest charges.

 “Seeing smiles on kids’ faces” is one of her favorite parts of
the job, along with her co-workers and the environment.

 Whether helping out with activity, serving snack, or just filling
in where needed, she is a contributor to the sunny
environment of Keyspot.
Sarah Melendez