Zoey Paris
Keyspot Teacher's Aide since 2016
Zoey is a Keyspot native in the truest sense of the word. Her mother Noele was director
for many years, including in 1999 when she was born. From toddling around Keyspot
occasionally to being a Murwood student and full-time Keyspot kid, it was no doubt an
easy transition to come back as a graduate.

“I do my best to make (the kids) smile,” Zoey says about her approach to work.
At home you might find her caring for any of her four dogs or playing Magic: The
Gathering. She spends time outdoors as well, remembering a backpacking trip through
the Philmont Ranch in New Mexico in which she had pneumonia and dealt with stormy
conditions, but as soon as she got off the trail wanted to do it again.

At Keyspot, when she’s not interacting with the children you’d probably find her
interacting with feathered and furry friends like Polly and Sasha. She likes board and
card games, and Capture the Flag. She has often run the game of “Werewolves” and
was the Assistant Director of Keyspot’s production of The Jungle Book for the Evening
of the Arts 2018.

Like many other of our staff, when asked about her favorite things about working at
Keyspot, the family-like, supportive atmosphere comes immediately to mind, as well as
the kids. It wasn’t so long ago that she hung out at Keyspot as a kid, but she is quickly
carving out her own niche as an employee, and Keyspot is lucky to have her.